SKMUN IX 第九屆聖功模擬聯合國

2021.07.15~2021.07.16 (因疫情已取消)

Security Council:

  • Addressing the issue of passengers airliners being shot down in the conflict zone. 
  • Addressing the territorial disputes about sovereignty of South China Sea.

United Nations Development Programme: 

  • Addressing the issue of the increased likelihood of natural disasters such as wildfires, drought, and hurricanes due to global climate change
  • Addressing the methods to recover the economic recession in some tourism-oriented countries due to the COVID-19

Human Rights Council:

  • Addressing the problems of human mobility caused by the pandemic
  • Utilizing Technologies For Quality Education and Lifelong Learning

Taiwan Youth Summit

  • 勞工在台權利問題
  •  台灣東部醫療資源分布不均