iEARN Club Leaders

iEARN Club Leader
Carol Wu

iEARN Club Vice-Leader
Michelle Tsai

2016 iEARN PBL Competition

                           高中組優等                                                            國中組特優



Senior Group: Hip Hop On the Spot
Both Hip Hop and Modern Dance are "free style" and popular subcultures. Both of them bring original creativity and techniques into the art and expression of dance. Since we have dancing class in our school, we are also interested in Modern Dance. In this project, we want to introduce Modern Dance and compare and contrast it with Hip Hop. We had to learn more about both styles by doing this project. We are hoping that everyone will have a deeper understanding of these popular styles after seeing our presentation.

Participants: S2C  吳英綺,王譽靜、S1B  蔡沂彣、S1D  陳芮渟、 S1G  呂耘慈

Teachers: Nela Lin & Bruce Lew

Here is the video of our presentation


Junior: Hakka Culture

Learning Hakka Culture is important for us because we have lived together for more than 100 years. If we don't respect them, we may have conflicts with each other in the future. In order to bring our different cultural groups closer together, we want to explore and investigate: Who are they? Where do they come from? What do they do? In this project, we are going to introduce the origin of Hakka culture, food, traditional clothing, their rituals and religious values and more…


Participants:J2C 吳昀蓁 、  J2F 許綵晏,  黃馨儀、 J2H  王嘉吟,吳郁慧

Teachers: Nela Lin, Bruce Lew & 邱素芬

Here is the video of our presentation