Do you want to know different countries?


Introducing Australia   

Melbourne is Australia's heart for its coffee and live music. Do you know anything about Melbourne? Do you know Melbourne has the best sweet treats? Do you know any Melbourne slang? Do you know the weather in Melbourne? If you do not know anything about this unique city, come and learn with Matt Keys, the authentic Melbournian.

By Matt Keys


Introducing Los Angeles, California

LA California is one of the largest cities in the US filled with the world most famous landmarks and attractions. If you look closer, there are hidden precious stones throughout the city waiting for you to be discovered. Do you know anything more about LA California? Do you want to know it’s u inquest culture? Robert Shiau has a special presentation for you about LA.


By Robert Shiau


How can you improve your English speaking power?

How to Improve your English?
Speak English fluently is not easy, listen to Matt Keys for his advice and your English can get much better.



How to Improve your English?

Robert Shiau will give you some advice