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Cindy Chen

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Jean Tu


2015 iEARN PBL Competition

高中組特優                                     國中組特優

「2015Adobe Youth Voices青少年之聲- 影像創作工作坊」台灣學生優秀作品



                                           Taiwanese Aboriginal Tribes

Summary of the project: 
          When it comes to the term “aboriginal”, what do you understand? Do you know how many tribes there are in Taiwan? Which ones are the biggest? For our better understanding, we went to the Taiwan Aboriginal Cultural Park in Pintung to explore the tribes more deeply and to dispel our myths. We experienced their dance, food and songs. What we had learned in class is so different from what we had experienced in person. For example, we thought there were only 14 different aboriginal tribes in Taiwan, but in reality there are 16 different tribes. In this project, we are mainly concentrating on the Paiwan aboriginal tribe. This tribe is the biggest tribe across Taiwan. They are not only located in the southern part of the island of Taiwan but also in the northern part. We are going to present aspects of their culture more deeply and compare similarities and differences to our own Taiwanese culture.

Please click here to watch the movie


   Participants: S2D 吳汶茜、 李姿學,S2G 黃暐媃,S1B 陳品嘉,S1E 吳東殷
  iEARN Teachers: 林怡君 (Nela Lin),  Bruce Lew and 邱素芬 (Sophia Chiu)


Amis Culture

Summary of our project: 

Aboriginals are very unique people who have preserved their own cultures, rules, living standards and their own policies. In Taiwan, we (officially) have 14 main different tribes. Each tribe preserves their own culture and marriage traditions. In this project, we are going to investigate Amis aboriginal tribe: culture and marriage rituals. We will see the similarities and differences between Taiwanese culture and Amis culture. 


Here is our video


A-King Members: J2B 李昀柔、J2D 陳姿秀、楊采苓,J2G 黃懷瑩、陳霈
  iEARN Teachers: 林怡君 (Nela Lin),  Bruce Lew and 邱素芬 (Sophia Chiu)

青少年發聲影像創作計畫 Adobe Youth Voices

恭喜您的作品入選  2014-15「Adobe Youth Voices青少年之聲- 影像創作工作坊」台灣學生優秀作品,在下一步與其他國際學生競賽之前,因為您和組員的用心,被學校老師和  Adobe  講師群推薦參加「2014-15 Adobe Youth Voices  青少年之聲- 影像創作工作坊台灣學生優秀作品發表會」,將您的作品分享更多台灣師生。


四所學校錄取優秀影片:  聖功、鳳新、海青、小港高中


Summary of the movie:

Do you know how to recycle in a proper way? This video is about Environmental Protection from SKGSH, Tainan, Taiwan. A group of students who want to show you how to do recycling properly. Recycling is very important in our daily lives. If you do a proper recycle, we will save our environment, our earth will be healthier and our next generation will be better. Enjoy watching our video.


Please watch the Zombies Movie

Casts: S2B莊雅閔、楊珮珊 , S1B李盈瑩, S1C張芳瑜, J3A盧姝恩

導演,演員,編劇,製作人:  莊雅閔


1.     作品要傳達的概念:



 2.            參加「Adobe Youth Voices青少年之聲- 影像創作工作坊」的心得:


  iEARN Teachers: 林怡君 (Nela Lin) and Bruce Lew